The Bible is full of tremendous stories for people of all ages. We have found that when the stories are presented to children without the chapter titles and verse numbers, they tend to be much easier to comprehend and far more interesting to them. Therefore, we will be putting books from the Bible in that format and most chapters are concluded with a self-test to aid the children in assessing their own comprehension and understanding. As new books are added, they will be placed in the order they are in the Scriptures. Enjoy the stories!

We at Yahweh’s Assembly in Messiah believe it is very important for youth and adults to know there are many versions of the Sacred Scriptures available today. Therefore, we will be using various versions of the Scriptures for different books to give children exposure to the different Bibles that people use. The version will be listed at the beginning of each book. As a parent, you can assist in pointing out pros and cons of the different versions as you read along with the stories.

In addition, there is a self-grading quiz at the end of each section which will test how much you have learned.

Check back as we will be adding more books right from the Scriptures! If there is a particular book you would like us to put on, please e-mail us and we will do what we can to get it on.




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