Genesis means "beginning," or the origin of something. This is the same with the Scriptures--"Genesis" is the very first book of the Bible. We are going to use the King James Version of Scriptures for this Book.

NOTE: If you are old enough to be in school and are learning English, such as when to make a capital letter, how to make a good sentence, and how to use punctuation, you will find what “appears” to be many, many mistakes in the King James Version. In fact, even certain spellings have changed! This is because the English language has changed many times over the years. The King James was initially written in “Old English,” then “Middle English,” and now would be “Modern English.” We have kept the punctuation as it appears so you can see some of the differences then and now. Parents can use this as an "English" lesson as well as for Scripture studies.

As with the other books we've put on this site, we have omitted verse numbers to make it more readable though it will be divided into chapters. Some who are unable yet to read can have you, the older brother or sister, or your parents, read to them.  Questions and surprises could pop up anywhere so be aware!



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