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PET CRITTERS (or the Household kind!)


Most everyone really enjoys some kind of pet, either their own or someone else's. Some are "cat" people, some are "dog" people, some are "bird" people, and yes, some are "no" people.... Pets are used to cheer folks up and some even go to hospitals to visit folks! The most common pets are, of course, dogs and cats. They are not only for our enjoyment and something to care for, but many times they assist in daily activities. Dogs are trained to do such things as lead the blind, assist with household chores like turning on lights (really!), find lost children and adults. There are dogs which are bred to pull large sleds and to assist cattlemen in herding their cattle. Of course, most of you reading this are probably familiar with dogs who assist hunters both in finding birds, for example, and bringing them back when a hunter shoots them.

Below we are going to show some pictures of pets that some of you sent to us. We would like to add more pictures to this so please send yours to the office. You can e-mail us (click here) to find out more information and be sure to include a little story of what the pet is, its name and anything else you would like to share about your pet.



What a precious sight! "Mouse" is one of the "Rocheport" pets and truly enjoys living on the campground!



And then there are "bird" people who just plumb enjoy feeding and watching Yahweh's critters in His world! This is a hummingbird!


Oh, what a friendly doggie! Peaches sure enjoyed the Feast, too!




How cute? Do you think this is a Mom and her youngun'?


Now, Scout, exactly WHY do you look so guilty?


How can something be so cute....?? Ziggie scares away the biggest of doggies!


Poor Droopy; everybody gets to run around but me. Pleeease???


And then there's puppies living in the East!


Cassie (Mom) and Oakley (Baby) who are Brits from the east that really enjoy the Midwest!


We pray you enjoy seeing people's pets and remember to always, always be kind to all of Yahweh's critters, no matter what or where they are!



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