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MORE PET CRITTERS (or the Household kind!)



Most people just really enjoy animals! They can help to cheer you up when you feel bad. Even if you are sick, a warm cuddly critter can certainly cheer up the sickest boy, girl, Mom or Dad! Of course, you probably would not want to curl up next to some of THESE critters! Check them out!



Meet Molly the Cow!

Isn't she cute?


Now, this is Freddy and I don't think I would want Freddy to curl up too close to me! Think we should just watch him play with his brothers and sisters!



Little Bit as a kitten on the left and 12 years old on the right! (Looks like she grew up to hunt!)



The "pecking order" for meals, oldest first. Rheba eating, Cassie next in line and poor Oakley has to wait until last!


"Mama" looks hungry and it appears that she is very, very well fed!



Megan & "City Boy" (but really "Country Cat")!

Meet Coal and Chance from the Sunny South (Mississippi)



Did you enjoy viewing folks' "pet critters"? Let us know and you can still send in your favorite "pet critter" pictures for us to add. If a youngster has a story to go along with the picture, send that in and we will see about getting your story, with pictures, put on the website for all to read! Now, remember, always, always be kind to all of Yahweh's critters, no matter what or where they are!



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