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This section of the website is specifically for items submitted by children for other children to use. We would like to encourage (and ask all of the parents to do likewise) the children within the Assemblies to use their talents to draw pictures to color, mazes to work, stories to read and any other Biblical activities for other children to enjoy. Items which are drawn (either coloring pages, mazes, puzzles and the like) should be done on plain white paper. Stories should be on lined paper if written and try to write very neatly as the stories will be typed onto the webpage. We will add to this page as items are submitted and reviewed.

Items can be submitted via snail mail, e-mail or fax (click here for contact info). Please include your name, age, address, telephone number and address on any item submitted along with a parental signature (on hard copies). Unless requested otherwise, first names and ages will be included on the webpage.




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