Children (Ages 8-12)

As your children get older and you need more challenging lessons for them, you can check out other areas of our site as well as the Lessons here which we have tried to gear for the older children. It is our earnest prayer that these Lessons will be used as a tool to assist you, the parent, in teaching your child/ren. "Make it simple, make it fun," and they will learn! These lessons have a lot of scripture interspersed and you should encourage your child/ren to look up the scriptures in whichever Bible version you use. Although we have been using the New International Version ("NIV")  and the New American Standard Version ("NASB") throughout Yahweh's Children, we firmly believe that the use of multiple versions is edifying to the Bible student along with the use of other research tools.

hayride The following is a list of Lessons we have online. Each Lesson has questions and activities interspersed, along with an "activity page" at the end. There are no answer sheets to the lessons or activities as we encourage you to help them check their work from the Scriptures. If you have any difficulty in getting the answers, feel free to e-mail us and we will see that you are provided the answers you need.



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