This puzzle is based in part on Isaiah 9:17 and Micah 5:2-5, which speaks of our Messiah.

Yahweh chose men called prophets to tell people about Yahshua before He was even born! Can you trace this prophet's journey to Bethlehem to see Yahshua?


What an interesting map that is! Now you can use the map to write down a special message from Yahweh for you. The first clue is done for you so you can see how it is done (or ask help from an older brother or sister)! Follow the clues to finish your message.

4-F     5-A     2-B     1-D     2-E     3-A     4-D     3-E     3-C     5-F

Cele______   _____   _______   ____   _____   _____________   ____________.



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