We have a series of six lessons prepared for Children and Youth on Passover online. Each lesson contains some activities and a quiz. Should you have any questions pertaining to anything contained in these lessons, please feel free to contact us.

To the parent (or teacher):

Because our children are a very important gift from Yahweh we should teach them properly starting when they are very young. Proverbs 22:6 says, "Teach a child how he should live and he will remember it all his life." Spending time teaching our children is a blessing both to the parent and the child.

How you use these lessons will depend on the age of the children. The older the child is, the more she can do by him/herself. For a very young child, the parent may have to do some of the reading and writing for her/him. By varying the amount of parent involvement the same lesson can be used for children from about age 4 to age 14. Make the adjustments you feel are right for your children.

We would suggest you print many of the pages and punch holes in them, having a notebook for each child containing his/her own Bible lessons. A star or smiley face sticker for a finished lesson is a good investment for younger children.

On the Sabbath or during daily Bible study time, read the lesson aloud together. Whenever a scripture reference appears, the scripture should be read from the Bible. Have the children read as much as they can themselves.

We hope you and your children enjoy the time together using these lessons and pray for Yahweh's blessings on all who do use them.



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