The Garden

Yahweh made a very special garden for Adam and Eve to live in. The garden was very big with lots of trees and flowers. There may have been a waterfall. Perhaps a river ran through it with lots of fish in it for Adam and Eve to eat.

Circle what you may have found in the Special Garden that Yahweh made for Adam and Eve.

flower toytrain grapes
waterfall tree babydoll
beachball tulips fish
bananas rainbow catandfishbowl
berries forest teddybear

Adam and Eve were to live in this garden. It was called the Garden of Eden. They were to take care of all the animals, birds, plants and trees.


Just like at your house. If your Dad didn't cut the grass, your yard wouldn't look very good. Adam had to do things like that to keep the garden looking good.

There were two very special trees in the garden. One tree was the Tree of Life. They could eat the fruit of that tree.

The other tree was called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yahweh told them NOT to eat from that tree.


One day, when Eve was walking in the garden, a big snake talked to her and told her that it was all right to eat from that tree. The snake was Satan the Devil and told her a lie. He was wrong. We know that lying is wrong.

Eve listened to the snake and ate from the tree. She should have listened to Yahweh.


Eve not only ate from the tree but she gave some to Adam and he ate from the tree also. So he did wrong, too.

After Adam and Eve had eaten from the tree, they knew they had done wrong and they hid from Yahweh.

Because they disobeyed Yahweh and ate from the tree anyway, they were sent out of the garden forever.



There were some activities in the Lesson and we pray you did them before clicking to come here!

First, from the "Creation" story in Genesis 1:1-31, can you match the mother animals with the baby animals below?



Cassie & Babies
Born 5/10/2008!



How do mother animals take care of their babies? Do your parents take care of you? Most importantly, does Yahweh take care of His people?

* * * * * * * * * *

Print out the picture below to color:


What do you think the picture is about?

* * * * * * * * * *

Memory Verse

And Yahweh Elohim took the man
and put him into the garden of
Eden to dress it and to keep it,
Genesis 2:15

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