Isaac and Ishmael were the two sons of Abraham. Sarah was Abraham’s wife and Hagar was her maid.

Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah. Ishmael was the son of Abraham and Hagar.

Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 80 years old when Isaac was born.


One time Sarah was having a party for Isaac and Ishmael made fun of him and teased him. That made Sarah so angry that she told Abraham about how she felt. She asked Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away.

The next morning Abraham gave Hagar some food and water and sent her and her son away.


fatherandsonIsaac grew up like any other child except that his father always taught him to obey Yahweh.

When Isaac was 12 years old, Yahweh gave Abraham a very hard test. Yahweh told Abraham to take the son he loved so much and kill him for an offering!

The next morning Abraham took Isaac and some firewood and went to the place where Yahweh told him to go.

Abraham built an altar the way Yahweh told him to do and laid the wood on it. Abraham then tied Isaac up and put him on top of the wood. This made Abraham sad because he loved his son and didn’t want to hurt him; but he loved Yahweh more than anything else.


When Abraham raised his knife to kill Isaac for an offering, he suddenly heard someone calling, “Abraham! Abraham, do not kill your son.” It was Yahweh.

isaac Yahweh did not want Abraham to kill his son. He just wanted to be sure of how much Abraham loved Him.

Yahweh would never have you kill anyone. He is the one who said, “You shall not murder.”


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Print this page out so you can write the answers on the puzzle. Have fun!



Now, here are the clues. Get someone to help you look up the answers after you try to guess them!


2.      Son of Abraham by the maidservant (Genesis 16:15).
6.   Abram's name was changed by Yahweh to this (Genesis 17:4-5).
7.   Abraham built this to Yahweh (Genesis 12:7).
8.   Abraham told Pharaoh that Sarah was his what? (Genesis 12:19)
9.   Relationship of Lot to Abraham (Genesis 12:5).
11.   What spoke with Sarah's maidservent in the forest? (Genesis 16:7)


1.      Abraham went to Egypt because of what? (Genesis 12:10)
2.   Son of Abraham by Sarah (Genesis 17:19).
3.   When Sarah heard that she would have a son, what did she do? (Genesis 18:12)
4.   Abraham's wife's name was this (Genesis 17:15).
5.   Land Abraham and his family moved to (Genesis 12:5).
10.   Name of Sarah's maidservant (Genesis 16:1).


* * * * * * * * * *

Memory Verse

"So Abraham called that place
Yahweh Will Provide...."
Genesis 22:14a

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