Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah. When Isaac grew up he married Rebekah and they had twin boys whom they named Esau and Jacob.


As Esau and Jacob were growing up they heard stories from their father Isaac and their grandfather, Abraham, about how Yahweh had promised great blessings to Abraham’s children.

When the boys grew up, Esau became a good hunter but Jacob was a man who liked to stay at home.


Isaac loved Esau because Isaac liked to eat the deer meat Esau got by hunting. Rebekah loved Jacob.

hunterOne day when Esau was out in the field, he hunted for a long, long time and got very, very hungry.

Jacob had just made some stew and it smelled very good to Esau.

stewEsau told Jacob, “Feed me! I’m about to die of hunger!”Jacob told Esau, “I will give you some food if you will sell me your birthright.”

Jacob knew the birthright was a great gift from Yahweh. It was the great blessing from Yahweh that grandfather Abraham had told the boys about.

Esau didn’t care about the blessing. He just wanted some food.

Later, when their father Isaac was very old, his eyes became weak and he couldn’t see well. He even thought he was going to die soon.

Isaac called Esau to him because he was going to give him a blessing.

color3Isaac wanted some good deer meat to eat before he died, so he told Esau to take his bow and arrows and go and get a deer and make some of that good tasty meat for him before he died and he would bless him.

Rebekah heard what Isaac said to Esau. She told Jacob to dress up like Esau and go and fix some goat’s meat for Isaac and take it to him so Jacob could get the blessing.deception

Jacob put Esau’s clothes on and put goat skins on his arms so Isaac would think he was Esau.

Isaac gave Jacob the blessing. This made Esau very mad. He said he would kill Jacob when Isaac died. Later he forgot about how mad he was and he loved his brother Jacob again.

Yahweh will send a blessing to those who follow him.


That sure did not seem like a nice thing to do to your brother, now did it? What do you think was going through his mind when he Jacob deceived Esau?


Here's a picture for you to print and color:


* * * * * * * * * *

We read how Esau enjoyed hunting and his father, Isaac enjoyed eating the food that Esau brought home. Which of the following animals do you think Esau would have brought home as food for the family? (Here's a clue: Not all of the animals are "food.")








This isn't an animal!!!
Do you know who shot an apple with an arrow?









* * * * * * * * * *

Memory Verse

"I am the Elohim of Bethel,
where you anointed a pillar
and where you made a vow to me.
Now leave this land at once and
go back to your native land."
Genesis 31:13

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