What does it mean to deceive? “Deceive” means to do or say something that is not the truth.

momfearWhen Jacob got his brother Esau’s birthright and blessing, Esau was very mad at him. Jacob’s mother told Jacob to go and live with her brother Laban in another place where Esau would not find him because Esau wanted to kill Jacob.

Laban had two daughters. The older one’s name was Leah and the younger one was Rachael.


Jacob loved Rachael and wanted to marry her. He asked Laban if he could marry Rachael, and Laban told Jacob he could if he would work for him for seven years. Jacob worked hard for seven years but it seemed like a few days to him because he loved Rachael so much. After the seven years were up, Jacob went to Laban and said, “Now can I marry Rachael?”


Laban made a big party for the wedding. But Laban did not want Jacob to leave him so he tricked Jacob. Laban made Leah dress like Rachael so Jacob would not know who she was.


After the wedding, Jacob discovered that he had not married Rachael but that he had married Leah instead. He was very mad at Laban. He told Laban how mad he was at him. Laban said, “All right, you can marry Rachael also.” In those days it was all right to have more than one wife. Laban made Jacob promise to work for him another seven years and then he let him marry Rachael.

It is very wrong to tell someone they can do something and then not let them. That is a lie.


That was pretty sad that Laban was so mean to Jacob, wasn't it? Did you print and color the pictures in the Lesson?

This is a "hidden people picture" page. We cannot see Yahweh, but we know He is always looking over us. How many people can you find in the picture below (look real hard!)? After you find them all, perhaps you can color everybody and even the trees.



Well, how did you do? Did you find more than 10?

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Memory Verse

"Do not be deceived:
Elohim cannot be mocked.
A man reaps what he sows."
Galatians 6:7

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