Joseph’s father lived in Canaan. They were suffering from a famine, not having any food. Joseph’s father Jacob sent ten of his sons to Egypt to buy some grain.



When Joseph was young, his older brothers had sold him, but they did not know that Joseph now lived in Egypt. When they got to Egypt they did not know that the man in charge was their brother Joseph whom they had sold. Joseph knew them right away. Joseph still loved his brothers and wanted to tell them, but he decided to give them a little test. Joseph said, “You say you have come for food, but I think you are spies.”

They said, “We are not spies. Our father sent us because we need food. Our father had twelve sons. The youngest son stayed home with our father and the other one died.”

They didn’t know that they were talking to the son they thought was dead.

Joseph wanted to ask about Benjamin and his father but he knew that if he did they would know who he was. Joseph wanted to see his father and his little brother so he made one of the brothers stay in Egypt.

When they got home, they told their father what had happened and that one brother had to stay in Egypt until they came back with their younger brother. Jacob said, no way would he let Benjamin go to Egypt. But as time went on, they ran out of food again.


Jacob told his sons to go and get more grain, but they said that the only way they could was if Benjamin went with them. They promised to take good care of him.

When Joseph saw them coming with Benjamin he was so happy that he cried.

Joseph told them who he was, that he was the brother they had put in a pit and sold.

When Pharaoh heard about Joseph’s family, he told Joseph to send wagons and bring his father to Egypt to live with him.


Jacob told Joseph that a long time ago Yahweh had told him he would be the father of a great nation. Jacob said he wanted to adopt Joseph’s two sons as part of his family.

Jacob hugged his grandsons, Joseph’s sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, and placed his hands on their heads to give them a special blessing.


Did you print out the pictures in the Lesson and color them? How would you have felt if you were one of Joseph's brothers? Would you have been glad to see he was alive and doing so well?

Here's another picture for you to color:



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Memory Verse

"Now hurry back to my father
and say to him, 'this is what
your son Joseph says: Elohim has
made me master of all Egypt.
Come down to me; don't delay.'"
Genesis 45:9

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